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Glory and splendour from Vienna and Prague

A Christmas concert with music from the Habsburg Empire.

Recorder ensemble Praetorius and Capella del Arte, both led by Norbert Kunst; chamber choir Novo Cantare led by Frans van de Loo

A unique combination of two ensembles and a chamber choir which will interpret the grandeur and refinement of the renaissance era at the court of Habsburg. This results in an ‘unheard of’ concert, with relatively unknown music.
Kaiser Maximilian and his followers gave musicians and composers the space to experiment. The best composers from all Europe travelled to the court of Habsburg, which resulted in a fruitful cross-pollination of musical ideas. Exchanging styles brought the state music to a higher plane in Vienna and Prague, the centres of power and culture.
We present you imperial music woven together with the story of Christmas. Enjoy the unique sound combination of recorders, historical reed instruments, trombones and a chamber choir.

Recorder ensemble Praetorius from Leiden is the only recorder ensemble in the world which plays on a complete set of 30 renaissance recorders. Capella del Arte is this only Dutch ensemble made up of historical reed instrument players, trombonists playing narrow bored trombones and a percussionist. Chamber choir Novo Cantare from Arnhem adds its own unique, sometimes polychoral, sound to the whole. The programme contains music by Heinrich Isaac, Jacobus Gallus, Philippus de Monte, Michael Praetorius and Tiburtio Massaino.

Concert dates

Friday, December 19, 2014 in the Marekerk, Lange Mare 48, Leiden. Start: 20:30

You can book your tickets in advance through Ticket Script. The costs for your card will be € 10,00 then. (excluding booking fee)

It is also possible to buy your tickets at the start of the concert. The price for your card will be then € 15,00.


Sunday, December 14, 2014, Opstandingskerk, Rosendaalseweg 505, Arnhem. Start: 15:00

Tickets costs € 12.50 and are available at the start of the concert or through the website of Novo Cantare.

For further information see www.novocantare.nl


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Recently, we have recorded "O Leyda Gratiosa" of Cornelis Schuyt in collaboration with chamber choir Con passione.