Recorder Ensemble Praetorius


Praetorius has existed for fifty years! Recorder teacher Piet Kunst founded the ensemble in 1963 at the Leiden regional music school.
Originally a double Quartet of eight advanced recorder students, the ensemble has developed and evolved over time into a group of around twenty-five recorderplayers. Since 1996 Praetorius has been led by Piet’s son, Norbert Kunst. Praetorius has been active for fifty years, a special anniversary which we will celebrate in 2013-2014 with a number of concerts and other activities.

In December 2014, we will perform the programme 'Johannes!’ a mixture of existing pieces and new arrangements with John the Baptist as subject. These concerts promise to be spectacular multidisciplinary performances, in which we will collaborate with dance company Leine & Roebana and Jos Groenier (who earlier worked with us in the productions 'Ween!' and 'Nacthwacht)'. We also plan to tour with this production during the 2014-2015 season.

Fifty years of existence is cause for celebration. We will use this momentous occasion as an opportunity to produce our first music video.
This will be published via social media in order to highlight the capabilities of a recorder Orchestra like Praetorius, and showcase how beautiful and unusual the recorder can sound. We will also publish an anniversary book, in which Praetorius’ history and the recorder in Dutch culture during the last fifty years will be highlighted.

Finally, we’ve commissioned a composition from Joost Kleppe, who also composed a piece for us a number of years ago. You will be able to hear the result during the “Johannes” concerts in December 2014.

We look forward to seeing you during the jubilee year!


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Recently, we have recorded "O Leyda Gratiosa" of Cornelis Schuyt in collaboration with chamber choir Con passione.